Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pedestal Novel: Synopsis

Pedestal/Novel: Synopsis

In a time not too far from our own, metallic sores dot the earth’s surface, infested with opulence and greed. Below the behemothic monstrosities lies the shadowy underbelly of society, where the downcast and the broke move among the formerly proud towns and cities of the world, now destitute and squalor. The Topside and the Underside. The frightful truth of what our world has become.

Two men are seeing dreamlike images in their minds. They are not asleep, never fully awake, always haunted by the spectre of their creation. Seeing only what he wants them to see. A Topside restaurant. The bloody murder of a prominent and publicly lauded neurosurgeon. The ethereal beauty of his female dining partner. The third person. The gunshot. The gore. In the kind of detail that puts them at the scene of the crime.

So begins a race to uncover the dastardly truth. A race between the creators, those who hunt them for their crimes, and the creation itself, hatching its own plans, implementing its own agenda.

The pieces are falling into place. The countdown has begun. But a countdown to what?

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