Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pedestal Novel: Busted the 40,000 word mark!

Hi all,

It's been an age since my last post, but hoping to get this thing up and running again. The graphic novel interpretation of Pedestal is on hold for now, and I've turned my attention back to its original format. Yup, I'm getting this beast of a novel typed up, editing as I go and am hoping to have a final manuscript in my hands by Christmas!

Haven't quite decided exactly how I'm going to utilize this blog yet, but my initial thoughts are to write about the writing process and maybe upload some snippets of the actual novel along the way to gave a few tasters of what y'ol can expect from the final product.

I just realized this morning that I now have close to 41,000 words fully typed up. This is all the more a notable landmark as I expect the final manuscript to come in at around 80,000 words, so in a sense this is the halfway point.

Really hoping I can get a few more followers, so please sign up and/or keep checking out the blog when I make a new post. Would love to get some feedback (or even simple words of encouragement will suffice!) as I go.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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